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Blair has been in Denver since August 2011 and was born/raised outside of Philadelphia, PA in Doylestown, PA. He began driving for Lyft in April 2014 and had a blast meeting people and getting them to their destinations safely. After installing party lights and visuals on a tablet in his car, he decided it was time to take the next step. There was a pretty big lack of great customer service based Party Bus transportation in Denver and the dream was born in October 2015.


Shortly thereafter, just as the business was getting started, his best friend was tragically killed in a car accident; ultimately giving a much deeper meaning to Elevate Rides. Keeping people safe and making sure they have the best experience possible is what drives him every day. Not only does Blair want Elevate Rides to succeed in order to provide a great service to his customers, but he wants it to succeed to be able to provide the gift of a college education to his best friends daughter. Months after her passing, Blair set up a college fund for her 4-year-old daughter, which will be a gift from her mother when she turns 18. A portion of all rides goes into the fund and he looks forward to the day when he can hand over the account to her. 

Blair has a degree in Sport Management from Ithaca College and worked as a Tradeshow/Convention Planner for 15 years before beginning Elevate Rides. When it comes to planning, he has a pretty good handle on what needs to be done, which is why every step of your process with Elevate Rides will be smooth and easy.  He looks forward to meeting you in person, as he still loves driving the groups for their big events. 



Brian Bonds was born and raised in Southern Connecticut from the town of Trumbull. Brian always knew when he had the opportunity he would move to Colorado where his father’s family is originally from. In 2008 Brian made that happen. As an avid skier and newly experienced rock climber, Brian knew the transition would be the right choice for him to experience Colorado’s natural beauty. For fun, he enjoys hanging out with his family/ friends and being active by playing sports, hiking, camping, fishing, working out, skiing, biking, and climbing.


In 2015 he Graduated at Metropolitan State University of Denver with a Bachelors of Science in Business Management and a Minor in Water Administration. Brian will be there to help anyone who is in need and will be looking forward to getting to know everyone involved at the downtown Denver office working for Northwestern Mutual. Brian has been driving for Elevate Rides since August 2016 and absolutely loves getting behind the wheel and making sure each group has the best time possible!



Chuck has been driving with Elevate Rides for almost a year. With over 350,000 miles of professional driving experience under his belt, you can expect a safe and professional ride. Chuck also works as musician and an outdoor guide in Rocky Mountain National Park, and has a two year old Husky named “Zed”. 


Chuck loves to chat using gifs, so feel free to communicate with him through the use of gifs. He feels he is pretty well versed in the language of gif chat. 



Steve moved here from rural Missouri over 40 years ago. He spent his first career in the automotive repair industry and spent his free time teaching acting and performing in/directing Improv groups. He currently does property maintenance and trash hauling, along with tour/party bus driving; with the primary focus of funding Suenos International, Inc.'s charitable endeavors – mostly in Guatemala where they travel annually to do animal-related volunteer work (His Daughter is a veterinarian). Currently, they are also the primary funding source for 'The Phoenix School (English Translation) in San Andres Itzapa, Guatemala, a school dedicated to helping the native Mayan children break free from their cycle of poverty and abuse through education. He has been driving for Elevate Rides for over 2 years and loves meeting new people!


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